Solano County Library 100th Anniversary from Heather Power on Vimeo.

 This video was part of a project I managed for the 100th anniversary of Solano County Library.  I had a lot of help, starting with a brilliant and easy-going videographer,  Heather Power.  After I polled colleages for possible contacts, Heather made the calls and set up the filming.  My part was sharing a concept and getting out of her way.  I love the way the teen at the end says she's proud to be part of the library.  


I project managed this video as part of a state-wide campaign to bring awareness to California libraries. The fantastic David Brown shot it, edited it and chose the music and we had tons of help from volunteer and staff photographers. 


Andrea Buck Bartolucci: Four Generations of Winemaking at Madonna Estate Winery 6.5.12 from ann miller on Vimeo.

For a wine class we did this quick video of our beloved boss, "Buck" Bartolucci. I think his inherent sweetness comes through loud and clear in this conversation. Men with this kind of history and perspective are rare in Napa Valley. My favorite quote: "Unfortunately one only gets maybe one or two chances in a lifetime to plant a vineyard because of the time it takes from planting it, in order to make wine and determine what you've got. Over generations you figure this out and do a better job."


Dolcetto Harvest from ann miller on Vimeo.

This was a quickie video I did for Facebook and YouTube. That destemmer was fascinating! 


When Murphy Goode wine launched its Really Goode Job contest, a brilliant PR move modeled on the Australian “Best Job In the World” tourism campaign, Hardy was ready. He is authentic, knows his stuff and delights us with his fresh take on wine lust. Call this my little homage to Hardy. The video is blurry because I grabbed it off of YouTube in order to add my "take" on Hardy.


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