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Social media trash talk – is wine the exception?

There don’t seem to be a lot of malcontents on wine blogs, and no wonder, wine makes us happy!

But smack dab in the first graph of an Experian report for Advertising Age called “Face of the New Marketer,” is a category called “Socially Isolated” which confirms my guess about IED blog bombs and the people who throw them.

“These people are generally unhappy with their lives and feel alone. Not surprisingly, they fall at average or below average for e-mailing. [They have no friends] But that doesn’t mean they eschew social media. In fact, they’re 12% more likely than the average person to use blogs, message boards or social networking sites.”

In other words, whiners and meanies are disproportionately represented in social media. If you doubt me, take a look at the comments on your local newspaper’s website, or check out the flames that Hillary Clinton attracts on YouTube.

Experian divides social media users into personas, much like Constellation Wines' Wine Genome Project segmented wine drinkers. Along with the Socially Isolated malcontent there are Approval Seekers, Health and Image Leaders, Smart Green, Brand-Loyal, Stay-At-Home Moms, Upscale Grays, First Time Home Buyers and Divorced.

While the negatives on wine blogs are few, vigilant wine marketers would do well to keep their eyes on the review sites that seem to be everywhere.