Girls in their summer clothes

What is it about Springsteen's ability to use simple words to evoke shared memories? "Girls in their summer clothes in the cool of the evening light - pass me by."   This reminds me of summer nights in Indiana. The air kissed our bare shoulders and our hair blew in the breeze as we rode in cars with boys.   I'll bet every boomer has a similar memory, so skillfully touched by the Boss.  The song begins with "Well the street lights shine on Blessings Avenue."  Blessings Avenue.   What does this have to do with marketing? Simple words used in creative ways can tell a story. Succinctly.  Stories resonate. Features and benefits don't. 


I called home to get some wisdom from my personal focus group, otherwise known as family. I was working on an article about web. 2.0 and I wanted to talk to my mom about the things she feels are passing her by- Facebook, Flickr, YouTube etc.

Instead I got my dad. In the Pew Internet Typology study he would be classified as an "Indifferent" - rarely uses the Internet or his cell phone.

I started to twaddle about Web 2.0 but he quickly changed the subject and told me about the maple tree he could see from his window, turning fabulous oranges and red with streaks of yellow and green.

Now I recently joined the Facebook group, "I Will Go Slightly Out Of My Way To Step On That Crunchy Looking Leaf" but isn't that kind of missing the point? Fall leaves should be experienced - really not virtually.

My dad, Internet Indifferent, is no technophobe. He's a physicist who used to keep regular company with a linear accelerator. But now that he's retired, he may be catching up on what techies sometimes miss.


ILILF - Internet Librarians I'd Like to Friend

Internet Librarian I'd like to have dinner with
Bruce Connolly - with a sense of humor so droll and self-deprecating no one could resist a glass of pinot and Connolly. He cited useage statistics that appeared to go DOWN during the rollout of a new marketing effort. Honesty like this wins friends and influences librarians.

Internet Librarian I'd like to go trick or treating with
Darlene Fichter - dynamic speaker + cool mashup demos = my ability to forget this expert was wearing a bright green M&M costume.

Internet Librarian I'd like to discuss Mishawaka with
Michael Stephens - I've been cyber stalking him (but only in the nicest way) since he started one of the first public library blogs and did that fun Ray of Light video for St. Joseph County Public Library. This is the library of my youth, the same library where I used that new fangled technolgy, the xerox machine to copy photos of Twiggy for my 4th grade famous person report. Yeah I'm old. And still shallow.

Internet Librarian I'd like to ride the subway with
Steve Cohen - kinetic New Yorker (I wanted to say, put that coffee down, you are wired enough already) and an evangalist for the notion that librarians can be heros to their customers. Quote: "The reference interview doesn’t end when the requester walks out the door. It ends when his/her project is done. So keep feeding them information as long as they need it." He also shares my interest in celebrity gossip.


Hoping this blog doesn't end up in the cyber cemetery of abandoned blogs

OK, I'm finally joining the blogoshpere, I'm taking the plunge. I've started a few blogs in the past but never got past the design stage. What the heck do I have to write about every week? And so many decisions.

Do I use the dot skin or the minimalist google white? What to name the blog? Aren't all the good names for blogs, like men, already taken?

About the title. Working in a library like I do, I couldn't help but do a little research on the word "diva."

I thought diva was another word for prima donna but I was wrong - look at some of the synonyms gives us for the word "diva": ace, adventurer, champion, combatant, conqueror, daredevil, demigod....

Demigod? No thanks, just call me Ace.

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