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Vintank- What do you REALLY think about winery blogs? 

I found the VinTank  report on Social Media fascinating and I agree with a lot of it.  But the section on winery blogs was puzzling. I understand that they think that wineries should spend their time on other activities,  but that recommendation was couched in contradictory (to me) statements.

Page 62. “With all the activity that you need to do online do you really have the time to blog? We at VinTank believe in blogs, all types, even winery blogs. However, with the limited amount of resources, with the amount of work it takes to build audience resources, with the amount of work it takes to build audience that differentiates you, and with all the other activities you need to do (e-commerce, interact with customers, social networks, etc, etc) we feel that a winery blog is last on the list of marketing tactics (and we have been a loud opponent of winery blogs for some time).” [My italics]

Was this an internal debate that never got cleaned up in the proofreading? Or what?

I think there are good reasons to have a winery blog: 

  • Easy web updates in real time and can be coordinated with Twitter & Facebook
  • Improves Search Engine Optimization
  • Drives traffic to site and shopping carts
  • Cultivates relationships with other bloggers
  • Discovers potential evangelists through comments

With that, let me launch this declaration. So far this blog has been an experiment to see if I could consistently write on the subject of wine and Napa and everything in between. I have not made an attempt to actually get people to READ the darn thing.  With that I launch phase two – connecting with other bloggers and an end to my audience of one.  Good luck Ann! Thanks Ann.