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Napa's Dirty Little Secret: We Drink Cheap Wine Too

Fall in NapaOr should I say inexpensive. 

Once again I was thanking my lucky stars last night as I dined with ten friends on a Napa hillside, overlooking the Napa River, and the San Pablo Bay beyond.

Dozens of wineries with hundred dollar cabernets were just over the ridge and you can bet their wine clubs set up dinners just like the one we were having.

What do real people in Napa drink for dinner with friends? There was a Sliver Oak cab from the Alexander Valley, a pinot noir from a boutique vineyard next door and a $15 Norton Malbec from Argentina.  Bold and spicy, this was actually the wine I liked best with my vegetable lasagna and meatballs.

Living well is the best revenge, and when you don’t have to pay for it you don’t even feel particularly revengeful.