Edith Head: A Deserving Google Doodle
Monday, October 28, 2013 at 10:07PM
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Blue princess: you really need to see these clothes in action It’s Edith Head’s birthday.  I know because Google told me so.

The reason I know who Edith Head is, and just about every millennial does not is that she was 1) the creator of stupendous fashion for movies in the black and white era and 2) she made herself into a brand, the first and perhaps the only movie costume designer to do so.

Her designs for To Catch A Thief make me catch my breath every time  Grace Kelly entered the frame. But without Head's savvy branding her costume designs would be merely pretty dresses, not Edith Head.

Her round glasses, her icy critiques and her frequent appearances on talk shows like Merv Griffin and the Tonight Show made “Edith Head” a known quantity. But without the quality of her designs she would have been just an early Kardashian, a brand in search of substance.

FYI, Edith Head was never as portly as she was sketched here 


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