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I’ve Got a Crush On You - My February Article in SolanoFit

Lovers and wine have a lot in common. Let me count the ways.

I am drawn to Don Draper like a bug to a bulb, it’s a good thing he’s not real. If you haven’t met him yet, Don Draper is the dreamy Mad Men character, whose appalling lapses in morality diminish his magnetism not a bit. Pinot Noir is the Don Draper of wines, smooth, silky and a mouth full of spice. Nothing about Don is cheap, and bargain Pinot is usually a disappointment.

If your taste runs to muscles and the brawny guys who decorate the romance novels, think about a big buttery Chardonnay.  Some of them are so fat and woody they are a joke (Fabio anyone?) Good ones are structured with hints of citrus, apple and a soft touches of oak, like Aidan Shaw, the furniture designer that Carrie Bradshaw let get away in Sex and the City. Aidan was the kind of guy who would build you a table then make you a meal. Chardonnay is like a steady boyfriend, a wine you can appreciate, even when you drink it every day.  The San Pablo Bay fog kisses the Carneros region of Napa and Sonoma, making it a prime growing region for this cooler climate grape. It’s a short hop over the hills from Solano and a great place to sample Chardonnay.

No lovers wine list would be complete without a nod to Petite Sirah especially since many delicious examples are grown in our Suisun Valley back yard. Despite its name, there’s nothing about the flavor of Petite Sirah that is small. Nor does it have anything to do with Syrah, a wine with which it is sometimes confused. What it is, is an inky blast of blueberries, chocolate and pepper with lip smacking tannins. Have you ever have the hots for a bad boy like Russell Brand? Tony Soprano? Then you’ll say P.S. (Petit Sirah) I love you. 

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