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Seen and Heard: Wine Bloggers Conference 2010

LIB OF CONGRESS.ACTOR IN TOGA FROM MACK SENNETT STUDIOSWhen the man next to you slurps his way through lunch, raising nary an eyebrow from the rest of the table, when wine-spit arcs in the vineyard like tobacco from a pitcher's mound, and when for every person listening to the keynote speaker there’s another in an i-phone-stroking trance, you know you're at a wine bloggers conference. The Third Annual Wine Bloggers Conference in Walla Walla Washington to be exact.  

Being new has its advantages and eavesdropping is one them. Some of this was overheard. some was for delivered for public consumption and just too good not to repeat.
“Never promise anyone anything lest you become their stooge.”(Steve Heimoff)

“You feel like you’re licking the bottom of the ocean in all the best ways.” (Jeffery Saad about oysters)

Harry Waugh sired twins in his 80s.” Whispered response: “Dirty old man.”

"They were looking for white wines for the speed blogging right up until the last day"

"Charles Smith's show turned just on the edge of raunchy."

"I found out that I write in the most inefficient way possible." (Lettie Teague)

“I walked away from a $200K job to save my soul. I know I shouldn’t say how much money I made. It's considered gauche."

“You just look good drinking it” (Jefferey Saad about champagne)

"Big wineries don't participate. Time. Money. And they don't get it."

PR is for young people. People like us won't put up with getting screwed up the ass any more, pardon my French."

"Out of 10,000 comments I have only not approved four." (Steve Heimoff)

"He was going at it with a woman on a bench when they arrived at the winery. They had an appointment but he said, "Something's come up. Can we reschedule for about 45 minutes later?"

"There is a book. All about Pinotage."

“Press releases are just arcane these days.”

“I’ve never met a wine writer who didn’t have a good heart.” (Steve Heimoff)


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