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Wine Bloggers Survey: Do you want to help people or do you just have a big ego? 

Researchers Heslop, Cray and RamirezThe invitation to take a survey came up in the comments for dot-wine and I was wary. The researchers asked that I take the survey and post it to my blog.  I clicked through to a university web page and the blog for the study, after all I didn't want to recommend a phishing scheme to my loyal audience (that's you Mom and Dad.) Lo and behold there was a photo of the researchers which includes, wait for it, Alex Ramirez, one of the first people I met at the wine bloggers conference. (Hi Alex!) So yes, this is legit and there's a drawing for a $500 wine shop gift certificate to sweeten the pot.

In their blog about the project they say, "The study is designed to collect information about people with three different levels of engagement: those who have their own blogs (we call them blog creators), those who read and contribute to others’ blogs and those who only read blogs. So far the break down is 76 blog creators, 52 blog readers and only 15 blog contributors. Obviously we are getting more responses from the blog creators because we address them directly and it appears that a high percentage of them are happy to oblige. The very low number of responses from contributors is a bit puzzling unless most of the contributors also have their own blogs which seems unlikely. "

There's your answer Alex,  et al. Everyone has a blog and it my cynical assertion that by necessity, those who blog regularly spend a lot more time writing their own stuff than reading what others write, and at least one motivation for contributing comments is to draw attention to one's own blog.  Writing takes time, there's not much left over to read and contribute altruistically. 

Especially when your TV beckons.

For more about ego and blogging check out Tom Wark's musing on the subject, "...Anyone who denies that writing for public consumption is an act of ego stroking, particularly when it is unpaid writing and meant to be read by strangers and acquaintances alike, simply must engage in a bit more honest self reflection."

But first, if you ARE one of those folks who comments on wine blogs but doesn't have a Blog of One's Own (apologies to Virginia Woolf) you can read all about their research and take the survey. They need your wisdom on their Liekert scale.




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