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Make a Place for Rational Exuberance 

Here's a twit pic I took at Skyline Park in Napa on one of those spring days when heaven touches earth. OK, I know I am really weird to be posting twit pics on a hike. My point is that in my exuberance, I needed to express myself- to share my joy. (I also tried to type some notes on my i-phone. Geeeeeeky)

A similar thing happened when I finished Dexter Filkins' book, The Forever War. I was so bowled over by this in-person account of the Iraq war that I up and friended Dex (That's what we friends call him) on Facebook. I knew his FB account was probably handled by a publishing intern, he's a war correspondent after all, but I didn't care. I appreciated his work I wanted to tell him so. And I wanted to read what other Dex fans had to say too.

Expression is a human need. Just another reason to make a place for user generated exuberance in your social media plan. People need a place to "share the luv."

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